About Us

Harling Premium English Water, drawn from the very heart of East Anglia

Our state-of-the-art bottling plant. Sensitively housed in timber-clad building. High levels of personal service.

Located in the heart of the Norfolk Brecklands, on the very edge of Thetford Forest, The Norfolk Water Company is unique in being the only privately owned water cooler company in East Anglia with its own fully regulated water source, and its own state-of-the-art bottling plant. Sensitively housed in timber-clad buildings for minimum impact on the environment, the production facilities are regularly audited by the BWCA, and consistently achieve audit scores among the highest in the UK. This means we not only claim outstanding levels of quality and hygiene, but we are always prepared to submit those claims to independent scrutiny.

With the business being run by Chris Sexton and brother Tim, The Norfolk Water Company is very much a family affair.

Like the water itself, the family has its origins deep in the Breckland soil, with a 50-year history of farming in the area, before diversifying into the present business back in 1996. And like any other good family firm, we are dedicated to building long-term customer relationships by offering high levels of personal service as well as a quality product.

  • Bottled Water Coolers

    Bottled water coolers.Floor standing or counter top ,models available giving either chilled &
    ambient water or chilled & hot water


  • Plumbed-in Water Coolers

    Plumbed in water coolers.Similar to bottle-fed coolers, but connected to your own mains supply, with filters to remove impurities


  • Contract Filling

    Water contract filling.We Undertake contract filling for many other water cooler suppliers. Please enquire