Plumbed-in Coolers

Mains-fed water coolers & hot water boilers

Hot and chilled water.

 Never run out of pure, chilled water again! These coolers are similar to our bottle-fed models, but are plumbed in to your mains water supply. They are also equipped with high-tech filtration to remove any impurities in the water supply along with the chlorine and other elements which so often taint the taste of tap water.

In addition to the hot & chilled mains-fed coolers, we also provide hot water boilers for heavy usage areas.

Both the water coolers and the boilers are supplied on inclusive rental packages which include filter changes, sanitisations & descaling, and all repairs and maintenance.


The glacier POU plumbed in coolers.

The Glacier POU

Our standard plumbed-in water cooler is clean & simple to the eye and very reliable in service offering:

  • Hot & cold or ambient & cold models
  • Optional cup dispenser
  • Compact footprint



The borg POU mains fed water coolers.

The Everest POU

Our premium range plumbed in water cooler combines style and functionality to give you a reliable supply of drinking water with options including:

  • Hot & Cold or Ambient & Cold
  • Floor standing or table top
  • Integral cup dispenser


Hot water boilers.

Hot water boilers

When your needs are for a dedicated hot water supply for making tea and coffee then one of our counter top mains-fed water boilers will meet and exceed your requirements.

  • Instantly available hot water
  • Water dispensed at 99 degrees
  • Over 100 cups per hour


  • Bottled Water Coolers

    Bottled water coolers.Floor standing or counter top ,models available giving either chilled &
    ambient water or chilled & hot water


  • Plumbed-in Water Coolers

    Plumbed in water coolers.Similar to bottle-fed coolers, but connected to your own mains supply, with filters to remove impurities


  • Contract Filling

    Water contract filling.We Undertake contract filling for many other water cooler suppliers. Please enquire