Although we offer some of the purest, sweetest water you will ever taste, this is not what sets The Norfolk Water Company apart. Above all, it is the quality of our service which attracts new customers, and keeps existing ones loyal, year after year.

For a fast and professional service, call us today with your requirements.

We can arrange to replenish your water supplies on a regular, scheduled basis to match your consumption or, if your consumption is less regular, we deliver to most areas weekly, and we will call you a couple of days in advance to check your requirements – it’s all part of the service!

A scheduled programme of cooler hygiene is included in your rental contract. This consists of regular quarterly sanitisation of the machine, using industry-standard products and procedures, and where necessary, the replacement of all water contact parts with new, sterilised components.

In the case of plumbed-in coolers, this is 6 monthly and also includes a filter change as recommended by the British Water Cooler Association, of which we are full members. Not only are our production methods regulated by the BWCA, but all our staff have taken their training courses, and all work is carried out to their stringent standards.

  • Bottled Water Coolers

    Bottled water coolers.Floor standing or counter top ,models available giving either chilled &
    ambient water or chilled & hot water


  • Plumbed-in Water Coolers

    Plumbed in water coolers.Similar to bottle-fed coolers, but connected to your own mains supply, with filters to remove impurities


  • Contract Filling

    Water contract filling.We Undertake contract filling for many other water cooler suppliers. Please enquire