Water cooler sanitisers stop flu virus

Did you know that among the sanitising products we use in the care of your water cooler two are very effective at killing many bacteria and viruses including the flu virus.

At this time of year some people are concerned as to whether the office water cooler can be responsible for the spread of colds and flu. The answer is that it is possible, but only in the same way as any other area of contact such as your computer keyboard, door handles, desk surfaces….. the list is endless.

Fortunately, two of the products we use can help reduce this risk in a wide variety of circumstances. Our Cooler Spray product is hydrogen peroxide based and is very suitable for regular sanitisation of your water cooler taps between our hygiene visits and our Cooler Wipes can be used both for the water cooler and also on a wide range of other surfaces to help keep germs at bay!

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Yet another way we can help improve the work environment!