Water Quality

The Norfolk Brecklands are known for their light, sandy soil, deposited by retreating glaciers some 400,000 years ago. But 65 million years earlier, the whole region was covered by a tropical sea, in which deep layers of chalk were laid down – deposits which extend from north-west Norfolk to the Chiltern Hills.This geology provides The Norfolk Water Company with its greatest asset: millions of litres of fresh, sweet, naturally filtered water, held in this Cretaceous chalk layer.

Our own water source is fully lined to protect against any contamination from surface water, so the water we extract is naturally pure and healthy. Nevertheless, we submit it to further micro-filtration before bottling. Even before this process, the water is very low in nitrates: the permitted level is 50mg/litre, and ours contains just 6.5. Similarly, while the permitted sodium level is 200mg/litre, Harling Premium English Water contains just 15, before filtration, so it is ideal for anyone on a low-sodium diet.

One more thing. Because Harling Premium English Water is extracted from chalk layers, it contains a little calcium – which is not only good for your health, but also gives the water a flavour which is almost universally preferred in blind tastings.

Of course, there would be little point in achieving these outstanding purity levels in our water if we did not match them with corresponding levels of hygiene in the bottling and distribution process. As bottler and distributor members of BWCA, both areas are regularly and rigorously checked by independent third party auditors – and time after time, our results are among the best in the country.

Highest quality microbiological purity. naturally filtered water.

  • Bottled Water Coolers

    Bottled water coolers.Floor standing or counter top ,models available giving either chilled &
    ambient water or chilled & hot water


  • Plumbed-in Water Coolers

    Plumbed in water coolers.Similar to bottle-fed coolers, but connected to your own mains supply, with filters to remove impurities


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    Water contract filling.We Undertake contract filling for many other water cooler suppliers. Please enquire