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Elizabeth Truss MP Visits The Norfolk Water Company

Elizabeth Truss MP Visits The Norfolk Water Company

Elizabeth Truss MP Visits The Norfolk Water Company

Elizabeth Truss MP visits The Norfolk Water Company as part of the BWCA Stay Cooler! Campaign

Elizabeth Truss MP visited The Norfolk Water Company on Monday 19th September as part of the UK-wide campaign to raise general awareness of the importance of regularly drinking water in the workplace.

The Stay Cooler! Campaign, launched by the British Water Cooler Association is linking BWCA members with its politicians, Trade Unions and interest groups across the UK to ensure the true value of the UK water cooler business is made clear to those who matter – including both decision makers and consumers.

Director Tim Sexton said “During a time when workplace cuts are becoming more commonplace, we want to send a clear message that drinking water at work is good for productivity and is a cost-effective way of retaining employees by keeping workers happy and healthy. It is also a critical component of a wider campaign to improve the general health of the UK population and tackle ongoing issues such as heart disease and obesity.”

The Stay Cooler! Campaign is highlighting research which shows that it is medically proven that consistent hydration for UK adults can help improve concentration, reduce headaches, prevent feelings of tiredness, anxiety and irritability and also help prevent many of the minor complications that can lead to lost productivity and absence from work.

Just 2% loss of body water can result in 10% drop in physical and mental performance. The Food Standards Agency recommends that we drink six to eight glasses of water every day.

John Dundon, Chairman of the BWCA said “The message of the BWCA campaign is that we should keep water coolers in the workplace!”

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