Here at The Norfolk Water Company we always endeavor to minimize our impact on the local area and on the environment as a whole.

Our location

Our bottling plant is situated at the back of our 1.75 acre site in a rural location and is housed in a timber clad building in keeping with more traditional farm style barns.

The site has also been planted with a significant amount of trees and hedgerows which help to further shield the buildings from sight and also add to the local habitats for wildlife.

Reducing landfill

Whilst there is always more to be done, at our production plant we currently:

  • Segregate general waste from re-usable / recyclable materials to allow for easy collection and recycling by our current waste management partner, Viridor (

As well as segregating and sending our everyday waste for recycling, we also take steps to ensure the products going to our customers are treated with respect for our planet:

  • Our bottles are re-used some 40 or 50 times
  • We implement a deposit scheme to further encourage our customers to return the bottles for re-use and eventually recycling.
  • When re-use is no longer possible we use our own vehicles to take the end of life bottles to a local specialist recycling plant just 9 miles away where they start the process ready to be re-manufactured into many useful products.
  • The vast majority of our water coolers are supplied on a rental basis and remain our responsibility at the end of their life ensuring they are repaired, re-used and finally recycled in line with current WEEE regulations by fully licensed operators.
  • We do supply plastic cups, and all of the cups we supply are fully recyclable. Additionally, we are looking into the possibility of biodegradable and compostable alternatives and will offer these once we are happy that they offer a true solution as opposed to a box-ticking exercise.

Reducing emissions

To help minimise fuel consumption and emissions our distribution uses:

  • Modern vehicles with Euro 5 and Euro 6 category emission standards
  • Scheduled routes and route planning software to optimise deliveries
  • Vehicle tracking and driving style monitoring to further improve fuel efficiency